Protect your students from cyber bullying, online radicalisation, internet pornography and your school from malware and online security threats.

Unified Security Service (USS) from CensorNet provides the next generation in cyber security, allowing you to monitor and control usage of web, email and cloud applications from a single dashboard. This unique complete view gives full visibility on data that is sent or shared, who by and on which device across your entire network.

USS provides a single complete solution to not only give you confidence in your cyber protection, but also help meet the Prevent guidelines providing robust IT monitoring and security.

Safety first

USS is specifically designed with student safety in mind wherever and however they may access your network.

  • Enforce safe search mode across popular search engines.
  • URL’s are classified in real time to ensure content is acceptable.
  • Sophisticated email rule engines allows administrators to control the flow of emails in the organisation.

Essential security

Wherever there is network access there is the unfortunate cyber threat that goes with it, USS allows you to minimise your risk.

  • Set policies at group or individual level enabling the right access for the right people.
  • Track data along its entire journey on your network, from email, web apps, social media and file sharing.
  • Scan, monitor and react to any potential malware threat before it reaches your network.

Robust reporting

  • Detailed analytics allow you to review, revise and adapt policies.
  • Review application activity by user, device, URL and action.

Streamlined management

  • Utilise pre-defined policies or tailor to your specific requirements.
  • One unified portal for all monitoring, control and reporting across web, email and cloud applications.