Our rich experience in regulated markets combined with our UK wide team of engineers and specialists allows us to support schools of all shapes and sizes as they navigate their way to delivering an IT led experience for staff and pupils. 

CensorNet Unified Security Service (USS)

Protect your students from cyber bullying, online radicalisation, internet pornography and your school from malware and online security threats.

Cloud Telephony

Increase flexibility and enable better communication and call management. Offering an end-to-end solution with reliable call quality from a private connection.

Free IT health check

A bespoke service providing an IT health check with teaching and learning at the core. Our IT health check and…

Hardware provision and maintentance

Ensuring you have the right equipment for your organisation to run effectively and managing it throughout its lifecycle.

Hosting Made Simple

Security and accessibility of all of your systems and data, ensuring the smooth running of your organisation in a data driven world.


Increase efficiency, streamline administration whilst simplifying the auditing process all from a single system.

Managed IT Services

Providing the support, knowledge and people required to deliver your organisations IT strategies.

Scan to Sims

Reduce paper records while improving admin efficiency with this dedicated scanner for users of the Capita SIMS software.

Wireless Working

Helping enable new learning practices and taking the class out of the classroom with secure Wi-Fi network solutions.