Carista is designed with one thing in mind; to help provide better care for those that need it.

Integrating the Carista platform with the way you work allows you to deliver real efficiency and positive change to your organisation. Whether that is from improved outcomes management, budget planning, rotas and timesheets and managing KPIs, all these things can become available in an intuitive and integrated platform.

Why use Carista?

Store information

Integrate with existing systems to centralise data. Add elements to meet all your information needs.

Plan for care

Real-time information management for planning and decision-making. Calculate options and create quotations for support.

Manage the care

Manage timesheets, contracts, rotas and funding for individuals. Quantify support with outcome-based support plans.

“When we introduced the system only then did we really understand and experience the full benefits of having an integrated information management system”

Lucy Wren

Carr Gomm

Take a look at some of the key benefits in more detail with our range of short videos

Carista timeline

Track care wherever you are

Carista Timeline keeps you aware of what is happening with the person you care for. Stay informed, receive alerts, and keep a record of care from friends, family or professional carers.

Budget planner

Self directed support tool

An introduction to the Budget Planner within Carista – ideal for Self Directed Support and Individual Budgets.

“We believe Carista will enhance our outcome focussed services and ensure the organisation is efficient, effective and at the cutting edge of the provision of quality care”

Joe Connolly


Carista outcomes

Measure social care outcomes

A brief overview of measuring Social Care Outcomes using Carista software.

Carista support plan

Store and report on vital care information

Ensure the support plan is both current and in-line with the needs of those being cared for and what they want to achieve.

Case studies

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